Prince Harry Reflects on Euphoric Aftermath of Meeting Meghan Markle

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Introduction: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story is one that has captivated the world. From the moment they first met in 2016, their connection has grown stronger and stronger. Recently, Prince Harry released his memoir, ‘Spare’, which revealed many secrets of the royal family, including the story of his first encounter with Meghan Markle. After their first date, the Duke was so overjoyed that he went to a friend’s house and smoked a joint. He also revealed that he and Meghan FaceTimed each other that evening and watched a Disney movie. This story has left many people wondering about the Duke’s cannabis addiction and how it has affected his relationship with Meghan Markle.

There were enough stories about how the Duke of Sussex, prince harry, and his wife, Duchess Meghan Markle, met face to face. The beginning of their courtship dates back to 2016 when they first met and fell in love with each other. All Sussex fans who have faithfully followed the duo since the beginning know that their love is growing stronger by the day. In fact, the Duke, who was in love with his current wife for two years before their wedding, finally confessed all his feelings to the world in an open book.

When his memoir “spare” hit store shelves on the 10th of this month, they revealed many intriguing secrets of the royal family. While the focus was on exposing the flawed family, Prince Harry also spoke a lot about himself and his wife. The stories also include his euphoric aftermath after his first encounter with a former American actress. While Meghan Markle couldn’t help but FaceTime the young prince as soon as he left, the duke could only show his hysterics with a bunch of marijuana.

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Prince Harry smoked a joint after meeting Meghan Markle for the first time

The Duke of Sussex made it clear his uncontrollable ecstasy from the first day he spent with Meghan Markle, losing his vigilance. When Markle left for his dinner plans, the prince went to a friend’s house to spend the night with him. Harry bared his heart, writing: “Late at night when everyone was asleep I went around the house checking the doors and windows.” As the prince was over the moon with happiness, he would “sit on the balcony or at the end of the garden and roll a joint” .

Now the father of two also mentioned how he wanted to pour his heart out to a friend who was looking at him curiously. He just wanted to keep his ecstasy to himself. However, indulging in his rhapsodies, he told the whole date. “Tequila came out. The grass came out,” Harry wrote. He and the boys then had midnight drinks and ended up watching a Disney movie.

As surprised as you are, his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, who FaceTimed him that evening also expressed her surprise. “Do you watch cartoons!?” was the then-actress’s first reaction when she saw her prince enjoying the magic of earth and fairy tales. For the uninitiated, their first date was in a townhouse on Dean Street in Soho, London. The hotel has a separate dining room called “The Snug” where they drank and chatted together.

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