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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have become household names since releasing their Harry and Meghan documentary series and Prince Harry’s memoir. The couple’s saga revealed so many untold stories that the rest of the world might not have known if they had stayed in the family.

The story of the couple presented in Netflix documentary series covering much of how they were constantly harassed by the British media. However, another aspect of this is that the senior members of the royal family could not accept Meghan and how this became the main reason for the family feud. However, a new comment was recently made about the couple by the former bodyguard of the former Princess Diana.

What did Ken Whorf say about Harry and Meghan?

Ken Whorf served for a long time in the service of Harry’s mother, Diana. Recently, a former royal security officer expressed his suspicions about Meghan Markle and how she has a big hand in manipulating Prince Harry. He had served Diana for a long time and had known Harry since childhood.

According to Sky News Australia, Worf reported that Megan played a huge role in brainwashing Harry. According to him, Megan is an actress and an unsurpassed performer who speaks very well in front of an audience. He also mentioned that Harry’s look showed how beautiful his wife was.

However, Wharf he often wonders, “Where did it all fall apart?” He also said that he’s not entirely sure if Harry is in control of his wife or not. Although he adds, “It seems to me that there is something wrong with this relationship.”

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The host also asked Worf if he finds Harry happy and the same old man he once knew. The former bodyguard mentioned that he thinks the Duke of Sussex is more confident. He also reflected on the reason for Harry’s confidence, saying the Sussex royals “have had a good teacher for the last three or four years”.

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