Rashard Guinyard, Crowley High School Student Shot and Killed. Check the Details

Rashard Guinyard Obituary: Recently, we got a report through our reliable sources that a North Texas High School student, Rashard Guinyard, was shot and killed. As per the reports, he was shot just after a prom party this weekend. Since then the incident has been trending all over the internet and social media. People have been looking for the details of the incident that occurred this weekend during the Prom Party. However, the State Police and authorities have been looking for the clue that leads them to the suspect. The death news of a student has been burst the internet. People on social are praying for the soul of the student.

Rashard Guinyard

Rashard Guinyard was a student at the Crowley High School. Along with it, he was a good athlete who participated in several competitions by his school.

He was a brilliant student who had a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, he lost his dream due to his death this weekend when he was shot and killed after a prom party.

The State Police reported at the scene upon a call. As per the reports, Guinyard was heading out of the party and suddenly someone shot him and killed him on the spot.

Rashard Guinyard had scheduled to Abilene Christian University for an athletic scholarship. After passing high school, he was about to go to college.

Ever since the press has released the death news of Rashard on the internet, his close ones and friend have been feeling down after hearing his death news.

Apart from it, the state Police have been running the investigation since the incident occurred. They are also trying to figure out the motive for the murder of a high school student.

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According to the sources, the incident occurred on April 25, 2022. Rashard had a huge reputation since he made his name in Olympic-style events. He was just 17 years at the time of his death. Right now, the police haven’t caught the suspect who shot the Guinyard at Southwest Fort on Sunday morning.

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