Revealed: Who Was Mursal Nabizada and What Happened to the Former Afghan MP?

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Who was Mursal Nabizada?  What happened to the former Afghan MP?  Revealed

Former Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada and her bodyguard were shot dead by unknown assailants at her home in the capital. Let’s see more details about Mursal Nabizada and what happened to her in detail.

Key Points:

  • Mursal Nabizada, who stayed in Kabul after it fell to the Taliban, was shot dead in her home
  • Her brother and a second security guard were injured in the attack, and the third security guard fled the scene with cash and jewelry
  • Police say investigations are ongoing.

What happened to Mursal Nabizada?

Local police chief Molvi Hamidullah Khalid said on Sunday that Nabizada and her bodyguard were shot at around 3am on Saturday in the same room. He said her brother and a second security guard were injured. A third security guard fled the scene with cash and jewelry.

Her brother and a second security guard were wounded in Sunday’s attack. Former colleagues praised Ms Nabizada as a “fearless champion for Afghanistan” who rejected the chance to leave the country.

She died on the first floor of her home, which she used as an office. Khalid said investigations are ongoing. He did not respond to questions about a possible motive.

Cause of death

Mursal Nabizada: Gunmen kill former Afghan lawmaker at home in Kabul. A former Afghan lawmaker and her bodyguard have been shot dead at her home in the capital, Kabul, Afghan police said. Mursal Nabizada, 32, was one of the few female lawmakers who remained in Kabul after the Taliban seized power in August 2021.

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The murder, carried out by unknown assailants, is the first killing of an MP from the previous administration in the city since the seizure of power.

Investigations are ongoing

Mr Khalid said investigations were ongoing. He did not respond to questions about a possible motive. Since the Taliban returned to power in 2021, women have been removed from almost all spheres of public life.

Kabul police spokesman Khalid Zadran said security forces have launched a serious investigation into the incident. Former MP Mariam Solaimanhil said Ms Nabizada was “a true trailblazer – the strong, outspoken woman who stood up for what she believed in, even in the face of danger”.

“Although she was offered the chance to leave Afghanistan, she chose to stay and fight for her people,” she wrote on Twitter.

About Nabizada

Nabizada was elected in 2019 to represent Kabul and remained in office until the Taliban taking under management. She was a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and worked in a private non-governmental organization Institute for Development and Research of Human Resources.

Mursal Nabizada was among the few female parliamentarians who remained in the capital after the Taliban seized power in August 2021.

Reactions relayed on social media

Abdullah Abdullah, who was a senior official in Afghanistan’s former Western-backed government, said he was saddened by Nabizada’s death and hoped the perpetrators would be punished. He defined her as a “representative and servant of the people”.

Former parliamentarian from Kandahar Malalai Ishaqzai also offered his condolences.

Hannah Neumann, a member of the European Parliament, said: “I’m sad and angry and I want the world to know!” in response to the murder. “She was killed in the dark, but the Taliban are building their system of gender apartheid in broad daylight.”

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Many women who held prominent professional jobs in Afghanistan after the US-led invasion two decades ago fled the country after the Taliban returned to power.

She would have known that this was probably her fate if she had remained under the Taliban because she was an accomplished woman and a famous figure.
It takes sheer courage.

A terrible accident

I feel terrible for her family and everyone she loved. I believe we are all in awe of how brave Afghan women and girls are to survive these atrocities. They used to be professors, doctors and other professionals, but today they are so terrible.

Islam does not advocate treating women this way. In his last address after his last Hajj, Rasulullah SAW stated that Muslims should respect and protect women.

Considering that no nation will come to your aid. They tried for years in the past, but look where you are now: nowhere. So go QUIETLY in small, well-organized groups, to a country where you are educated and welcome. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.

Tributes poured in on social media

Sarah Wahedi posted

Mursal Nabizada was a member of the Afghan parliament. She stayed in Afghanistan. She didn’t leave after the Taliban took over the country. MP Nabizada was shot today in her home. Afghanistan is hell on earth for women.

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Index of South Asia published

Kabul: Former Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada was killed by unknown gunmen at her home in Kabul. Nabizada was a critic of the Taliban’s ban on women’s education. She refused to leave Afghanistan despite threats.

Qays Published

It was Mursal Nabizada, a former Afghan MP and MP in Afghanistan. She refused to leave the country even though her life was in imminent danger because she wanted to be a beacon of hope for women. She was shot today in her home by the Taliban.

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