Yaser Abdel First Day Trial: Man Accuse in ‘Honor Killing’ Murder his own Daughter. Find out the latest news and Updates

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Yaser Abdel First Day Trial: What happened on the Trail? Check all the details: Today, we are talking about the murder case of Sarah and Amina. Yaser Abdel was the father of two teenage girls who were shot to death brutally. The incident took place in 2008. The suspect escaped after killing his two daughters. For almost 12 years he was hiding from the State Police. Finally, the State Police apprehended him in 2020. Since then he has been facing imprisonment in jail. Recently, he had a trial in court after all the allegations of killing her own daughter. Now we are telling you the whole story of the Day 1 trail in this article.

Sarah And Amina

Who was Sarah Amina? What happened to them?

Sarah and Amina were the biological daughters of Yaser Abdel. Unfortunately, both got killed by their father by gunshot. The victim Sarah Yaser, 17, and Amina Yaser 18 who studied at Lewisville High School. According to the reports, Sarah Yaser was dating someone. And, her father Yaser Abdel was against her relationship. As a Muslim community, he believed that it was a shame for dating some guy. During the trial, the victim’s mother testified that his husband threaten would threaten her daughter.

Sarah And Amina

What happened in Yaser Abdel First day of Trial?

Yaser Abdel was a taxi driver and belonged to the Muslim community. The State Police arrested Yaser in August 2020 in Justin, 36 miles northwest of Dallas. He was accused of ‘honor Killings’ of his two daughters Sarah and Amina. Moving to the investigation, the police found the dead bodies of teenage sisters in a cab outside a motel in Dallas. Both were shot multiple times by the suspect. According to the reports, one of the sisters tried to call 911 after finding his sister dead. The 911 received the call and heard the voice ‘Help’ and then the phone was disconnected. Meanwhile, she was also killed at that place.

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The girl was Sarah who spoke to 911 by saying, “I’m dying. Oh my God, Stop it”. That was such a horrible scenario for any teenager. Although, the culprit has been detained for now. And, the case of Sarah and Amina is held for the next trial. Until then stay tuned to our official website Bulletin zone.