“School Commissioner Sheds Light on School Violence After ‘Glory’ Confrontation Scenes: An Analysis”

Introduction: “The Glory” is a popular South Korean drama series that has been enjoyed by viewers in many Asian countries. The story follows a victim of school violence who seeks revenge on her bullies. Although the series has received excellent reviews, it has also been criticized for its graphic and shocking content. One scene in particular, where a high school student is burned with curling irons, is based on a real-life event. In response to this, the school commissioner for Gyeonggi Suwon Bureau of Education has commented on the issue of school violence, citing recent cases of serious school violence. In addition, the government has recently passed a bill to lower the age limit for juvenile justice and Crime Prevention Act from 14 to 13. It is clear that school violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

“The Glory” with Song Hye Kyo enjoyed rapid popularity not only in South Korea but also in many other Asian countries!

Kdrama focuses on the story of a victim of school violence who seeks revenge on her bullies.

In addition to excellent reviews, Netflix the series also received mixed reviews from viewers and critics. According to experts, “Glory” is “too graphic” and “shocking”.

In particular, the scene in which the body of high school student Moon Dong-eun is burned with curling irons is considered too cruel for media coverage. It turned out that this scene was inspired by real events.

After seeing the drama and the audience’s reaction to the violent scenes, the school principal said that school violence in real life is much worse.

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In an interview on MBC Radio’s “News High Kick” program on January 11, Choi Woo Seong, school commissioner in charge of school violence at the Gyeonggi Suwon Bureau of Education, answered many questions.

ATTENTION: The following comments and information may hurt the feelings of the most sensitive people

About the scenes in the drama, he said, “The scenes of school violence (in the drama) were really shocking to the audience, and some may have doubts that it reproduces events that actually happened, and it raises concern and awareness about school violence. »

“It’s actually worse,” and said countermeasures are urgently needed, as there have been cases of serious school violence even recently.

Then it was back to business when a group of middle school students (whose leader Kim was 15 years old at the time) attacked “A” (14) for about 20 days. “A” was beaten with a baseball bat and burned with a hand and chest iron.

Choi Woo Seong talked about this case:

“The victim then suffered severe burns and a dislocated tailbone, requiring 5 to 6 weeks of hospitalization. The attackers also admitted that the scabs formed on his scars would be torn off to punish the victim.

School Violence Act was passed on January 29, 2004 and came into effect on July 30 of the same year, but the Jeonju curling iron incident happened in 2006. So the leader of the hooligan group threatened the victim not to tell anyone the name of the criminal. bully or the name of his school. »

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Unfortunately, this is not the only serious case of youth violence. The Commissioner looked at various cases: the case of the attack on a girl at Yangsan High School, the case of molestation at Cheonghak-dong Dormitory, the case of sexual assault in North Gyeonggi, and others.

  • The case of the attack on the Yangsan High School girl in 2021: a group of attackers attacked a foreign high school student. The hooligans filmed the attack and posted it on the Internet.
  • The 2020 Cheonghak-dong Dormitory Abuse Case: A group of girls tortured another victim by inserting foreign objects into the victim’s body and forcing him to drink urine.
  • The 2023 North Gyeonggi-do sexual assault case: A 13-year-old boy lured and raped a 9-year-old girl on the way home. He then raped the girl on a block of snow that he made as a bed.

Regarding these cases, Commissioner Choi reported: “In all three cases, some or all of the perpetrators were minors under the age of 14, so their punishment was limited.

I agree that (criminals) are getting younger and their crimes are becoming more sophisticated and violent, so I agree that the standard age limits should be gradually lowered. At the same time, we, as a society, must first of all make efforts to edify and prevent such actions.”

Meanwhile, in December last year, the government passed a bill to lower the age limit for juvenile justice and Crime Prevention Act from 14 to 13, as critics were overwhelmed on this issue.