How Did UCLA Student Kill In Sera Aintablian Car Accident? Car Splits In Half After Crash, Check Latest News

A horrifying Sera Aintablian Car Accident occurred on Thursday morning in which a UCLA student got killed. As soon as possible, the police and emergency arrived at the scene. According to the reports, the accident took place on the 101 Freeway out of Studio City. In this accident, the police found a 20 years old UCLA Student at the scene. Ever since pictures of the accident scene have leaked on social media, it has been trending all over the internet web.

As per reports, the police found the car in half split at the scene where the accident occurred. For further updates stay on this page. For more trending updates and fresh news keep visiting Bulletin Zone.

How Did UCLA Student Kill In Sera Aintablian Car Accident? Car Splits In Half After Crash, Check Latest News

It’s been more than 24 since we got reports of the Sera Aintablian Car Accident. Right now, the news has gone viral all over the internet web. People have been sharing exclusive footage and pictures of the accident on various social media platforms. As per the reports, the California Highway was reported at the scene where the crash happened. According to the California Highway Patrol, it was a head-on collision between two vehicles that occurred around 2 AM at Tujunga Avenue.

Sgt. Steve Geraty stated that when they arrived at the scene the car was split in half. However, there weren’t any other civilians who got hurt in the accident except UCLA students and the driver of the car. Both were found dead at the scene. Other than this, the investigation team has given the details of the accident to the press.

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And, the press has released the Sera Aintablian Car Accident news officially on its various news channel as well as social media. Along with it, the police have informed the victims’ family members and relatives.

 It is heartbreaking news for their family member who lost their loved ones in the fatal car accident. We have been getting heartfelt and condolence messages from social media and the internet web. We hope that soon their family member will get over this tragedy. Apart from it, the deputies have cleared the highway where the Sera Aintablian Car Accident took place.