“Seth Rogen Rocks a Powder Pink Suit at the Golden Globes: A Moment We Can’t Stop Thinking About”

Last night, the Golden Globe Awards made a triumphant return after a year of not being televised. Stars made sure to bring the glamour and elegance to the event, with Seth Rogen turning heads in a powder pink suit. The actor was nominated for his role in the miniseries Pam & Tommy and gave an outstanding performance. Michelle Yeoh also made history by winning for her role in ‘Everything Everywhere at Once’, while Angela Bassett honored the late Chadwick Boseman with the award for Best Supporting Actress in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Eddie Murphy made a semi-controversial joke about Will Smith during his Cecil B. DeMille Award speech. Overall, it was a night of celebration and recognition for the hardworking actors, directors, and producers in the industry.

As Golden Globes 2021 weren’t televised, this year’s Golden Globes made a triumphant return last night. The stars made sure to take it with them as they were dressed in dazzling outfits that are sure to catch the attention of viewers at home. One actor photo we can’t stop talking about at this year’s Golden Globes is Seth Rogen’s look in a powder pink suit.

Despite the fact that a black and white suit and tie is very sporty and traditional, it’s nice to see a different take on a man’s fashion sense every now and then. Seth Rogen showed off his own style at the 80th Golden Globe Awards last night, wearing a light pink shirt under a pink blazer, matching tie and matching pants. The super-bad actor is living proof that a man can shine at the premiere in a piercing pink outfit. Check out the image of the handsome actor below:

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Seth Rogen played a mullet in the Hulu series Pam and Tommy and received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the miniseries. He played the real-life role of Rand Gauthier, who in 1995 stole a sex tape from the house of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, and it became one of the most common celebrity sex videos. Since Rogen created a good mix of comedy and drama in this role, it’s no surprise that he received a nomination for it. The series presents two sides of the story and allows us to empathize with the characters of Gauthier and Anderson. Any actor who is able to breathe life into a role without making it one sided is worthy of praise.

Along with Pam and Tommy, Seth Rogen he also starred in the Golden Globe-nominated film The Fabelman, playing “favorite uncle” Benny Lowy, a constant presence at the Fabelman house. Although Benny’s casting process convincingly involved asking director Steven Spielberg awkward questions, thankfully there were no inappropriate questions. Roles in projects like “The Fabelmans” and “Pam and Tommy” show that this comedian has a great acting range that we hope to see in future roles. Here’s a great photo of Rogen and the cast of The Fabelmans below:

The 2023 Golden Globe winners were packed with outstanding talent, with The Fabelmans winning for Best Motion Picture Drama and Banshee of Inishreen for Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. “Everything Everywhere at Once” also brought in a few wins, including Michelle Yeoh, whose A+ reaction when the music tried to play her during the awards show was funny and memorable. They should know by now that no one messes with a martial arts actress!

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Another memorable moment was when Angela Bassett honored Chadwick Boseman with the award for Best Supporting Actress in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. I’m sure the late actor is very proud that she made Marvel history through her win and helped carry on his legacy. A semi-controversial moment came when Eddie Murphy mentioned Will Smith’s name during his Cecil B. DeMille Award speech, mocking the televised Oscar slap moment. But considering he has a close relationship with The Smiths and Chris Rock, I think he’s allowed to.

Seth Rogen proudly wore her powder pink suit as she walked the Golden Globes carpet to celebrate her nominated work. You can catch his performance in The Fabelmans in theaters or VOD right now, as well as Pam & Tommy with a Hulu subscription.