SHINee’s Park So Dam and Key Talk About Their Similarities in ‘Amazing Saturday’ Preview ⋆ Somag News

So Dam Park and Honey Lee will be coming to tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”!

The popular entertainment show has released a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, which will feature “Phantom” stars Honey Lee and Park Seo Dam as guests.

In a recently released preview, Honey Lee jokes about how excited she is to be on TV before revealing her fierce racing streak. But despite her passion, she finds it difficult to guess the words correctly, and the actors laugh when she complains: “How can you write such texts? It confuses people!”

Meanwhile, So Dam Park expresses his excitement at the opportunity to be on the show, explaining that he is a fan who watches it often. She then teases Park Na Rae, who is dressed as Annabelle, for not working hard enough on her costume, joking, “Your [makeup] is too good!’

SHINee’s Key continues to mention the fact that he and Park So Dam went viral due to their physical similarities. Highlights: “We’ve caused quite a stir on the internet because we’re lookalikes,” and Park So Dam exclaims, “I know.”

In keeping with the theme of their new film Phantom, Honey Lee states that there is a hidden spy among them, while Hanhae states that he is innocent.

The episode of “Amazing Saturday” featuring Honey Lee and Park So Dam will air on January 28 at 7:30 p.m. KST. Check out the new review Below!

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