“Shopkeepers in Itaewon Appeal for Help to Families of Victims of Halloween Tragedy as Streets Empty”

Introduction: The tragic event that occurred in Itaewon, South Korea on the eve of Halloween 2022, took the lives of 158 people and left a devastating impact on the people of the area, their families, and the world. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the once vibrant and bustling streets of Itaewon have become desolate and almost ghostly. Recently, a video of a shop owner in Itaewon went viral on TikTok, in which he explained the dire situation of the traders and asked the families of the victims to help bring life back to the area. This video sparked a debate among internet users, some of whom sympathize with the shop owners, while others criticize the idea of asking for an apology from the families of the victims. What do you think?

The tragedy in Itaewon, which happened on the eve of Halloween in 2022, shocked not only Koreans but also many people around the world.

A total of 158 people died in the deadly stampede, leaving their loved ones in indescribable suffering…

After the tragedy, the streets of Itaewon, once crowded, they were desolate. The neighborhood that used to be so full of life, especially on weekends, has become almost ghostly.

Recently, a protest video of people working in Itaewon complaining about their situation went viral on TikTok. I must say that after the tragedy, due to the abandoned territory, traders are struggling to raise their heads above water.

The video shows one of the shop owners explaining the situation in Itaewon and asking the families of the victims to help change the mood of the once bustling but now empty streets. He explained, “Please help us (Itawon) update his image. If we continue like this, it will be the end of Itaewon.

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He continued: “We suffered because COVID-19, and now Itaewon is dying because of the tragedy. Of course, we should express our sorrow for the victims, but if some time has passed, the families of the victims should come and say, ‘The owners of the Itaewon store, we are sorry’ and apologize.”

He shared the plight of all traders who cannot pay rent. He shared: “Who is going to pay the rent here? Several million won (several thousand euros). We’re all traders here, but we can’t even say anything. These are (the victims) who came to Itaewon for a Halloween party and such an incident happened. Who is to blame for this? WHO! Is Itaewon wrong?”

He explained: “There were police and firefighters controlling traffic and they were working very hard. But they couldn’t control everyone. And there, in the alley, in the middle stood a policeman, making people beg. But everyone ignored him and got up anyway. Whose fault is it? It was out of control. There were people crossing the police line! »

After seeing this video, many Internet users responded. Many sympathized with the merchants. Some have criticized the fact that he is asking for an apology from the families of the victims because it is irrelevant.

Among the comments we can read:

  • “He’s right… shopkeepers have to live too… as they say, life must go on… We can’t always be like this”
  • ” He’s right”
  • “What he says is right. Who can be blamed…”
  • “He’s right, but it’s not the families fault that people don’t go to Itaewon anymore. They have nothing to apologize for. “
  • “I know the traders have been struggling since the incident, but it is disrespectful to ask the families of the victims to apologise…”
  • “Unfortunately, the shop owners, as hard as it is to admit it, have to understand that Itaewon will never be the same, and that’s it.”

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What do you think?

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