“Sky Ferreira Sheds Light on Her Lack of New Music: ‘The Least Bit Screwed Up’

Skye Ferreira has been a trailblazer in the music industry for many years. Despite the struggles of releasing new music and the reputation of being a “difficult” artist, Ferreira has persevered and is finally releasing her long-awaited album Masochism in 2022. After several delays, the album was first planned in 2015 and was finally confirmed in October 2021. Since then, Ferreira has released the single Don’t Forget and stated that the album is mostly done. Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music, and yesterday Ferreira shared a snippet of an unreleased song. Additionally, she opened up about the difficulties she faces when trying to release her music, and how she is labeled as “difficult” just because she wants to be in control of her work. These struggles have only made her more determined to make her music available to the world, and it is clear that her resilience will lead her to success.

Skye Ferreira took to Instagram to talk about the struggles he faces when releasing new music and his reputation as a “difficult” artist.

Masochism, the follow-up to Ferreira’s 2013 debut album Night Time, My Time, was first planned in 2015. However, after several delays, the album has yet to receive an official release date.

In October 2021 Ferreira announced that the album’s release date has been confirmed and announced that it will be released in March of next year. A month later, she stated that Masochism would in fact be released in 2022, but when the album was not released in March, Ferreira told fans to refrain from “anger and death threats” until April.

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In May last year, Ferreira released the single Don’t Forget and told NME that her second album was “mostly done”.

“It’s just that some parts need to be rewritten. Just finishing touches, really,” she continued. No new music has been released since then.

Yesterday (January 14) Ferreira took yes Instagram to share a snippet of new music with the caption “I want to play this.” After posting her story, she shared a clip of an unreleased song performed during a soundcheck in 2019. “See the date,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “I tried to play this song years ago. It’s not my fault and it’s not a conspiracy or anything like that.

“I’m not a hysterical/lying/lazy freak,” she continued. “I can also find performances of unreleased singles from 2014. That’s beyond screwed. And I’m so upset about it.”

Ferreira also said that he was called an artist who was “difficult to work with”.

“Just because I’m ‘difficult’ or ‘irritable’ doesn’t give people the right to harm and stop my career,” she wrote. “I am in a difficult situation and it must be ‘hard’ for me to get through it. Do I have to somehow protect my work and myself?

“Many of them are not allowed to say or do what I want/need to do without being rejected. I can’t remember a time in the last 7 years when I could just focus on what I needed to do, despite the fact that I had to sacrifice every aspect of my life to make sure it happened,” he continued she. .

“It’s not good. If I’m not allowed to say anything without consequences, and the people who are supposed to be doing their jobs refuse to care about me… How can I not be ‘difficult’?!?”

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In an interview last year, Ferreira said that since signing to a major label, she has been “putting herself in situations that seem difficult.”

“But beyond that, what does it even mean? You just don’t want to be completely controlled,” she added.