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Sokoto Student Viral Video| Sokoto Student Burnt Video: Recently, a horrifying viral video surfaced on the internet and online platform in which a Nigerian student got burnt to death. it was one of the most tragic viral videos that people have ever witnessed. Seeing a teenage student burning is one painful incident. Ever since the video of the Sokoto Student came to the social media platform, it has been trending all over the internet. There is a huge population on the internet engaged with the news. Since then people have been looking for the whole matter of the incident all over the internet. Get more information about Sokoto Student Burnt Video down below in the next sections.

Sokoto Student Burnt Video

Sokoto Student Viral Video-Girl Killed

The Sokoto Student Burnt Viral Video incident has left so many questions for the viewers on social media. First of all, who killed the innocent students? And it was preplanned murdered or accidental? It’s been a few hours since the video was uploaded on the online platform, and now it has been trending all over the internet. According to the sources, the tragic incident occurred in Northwestern Nigeria. The victim was a girl who was a learner at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto.

Sokoto Student Burnt Video

Sokoto Student Burnt Video on Twitter

Reports have been claiming that it all began because of the humiliation of the Prophet Muhammad. Later, the official confirmed the news on the social media platform. Apart from it, the state Police Department has kept two learners in their custody for further investigation. It is believed that somehow these two might involve in the incident. For that reason, they have been kept for the interrogation. As per the reports, the victim Deborah Samuel was the one who burnt to death on Thursday. It is a piece of the heartbreaking news that shattered everyone’s emotions after hearing the news on the internet.

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Right now, the investigation team and Nigerian Police are running the investigation. In the meantime, the news has been listed on the trending searches on Google. People on social media have been sending their heartfelt condolence messages to the victims’ family members.

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