“Somag News: AI Twitch Stream Perfectly Mimics Forsen’s Speech and Image in Chat Replies”

The world of entertainment is evolving rapidly, and with it comes the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Forsen, one of the oldest streamers on Twitch, has taken the lead in the development of AI-driven entertainment by creating forsen_AI_, an AI version of himself that can interact with Twitch chat. This AI is programmed to mimic Forsen’s likeness and mannerisms and is capable of referencing moments from Forsen’s career and responding to chat questions. Although the AI is still in its testing phase, it has already generated a lot of interest from viewers, who are fascinated by its accuracy and curious about what it will do next. While the AI has been known to randomly spew unintelligible gibberish, it has also been able to provide humorous and insightful responses. It is uncertain what purpose forsen_AI_ serves, but one thing is for sure: it has already made a lasting impression on Twitch viewers. With its ability to provide entertaining and thought-provoking conversations, forsen_AI_ has the potential to revolutionize the streaming industry.

The test flow for forsen_AI enabled Twitch chat to interact with the streamer’s AI version, whose likeness and mannerisms mimic Forsen very well.

AI is taking over the entertainment space. Between AI image generators like Lensa and AI-driven Twitch streamers like Neuro-sama, people are trying to push the boundaries of AI entertainment.

Forsen is working on Twitch for over a decade and is one of the oldest streamers on the platform. In this way, thousands of hours of content can be extracted, which can be fed to the AI ​​to create what is called forsen_AI_.

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Despite the fact that the Twitch chat was moving at a speed of miles per minute and asking too many questions, the AI ​​managed to imitate Forsen perfectly at some points.

forsen_AI perfectly emulates Forsen and responds in Twitch chat
Those who enter the forsen_AI_ stream gain experience that will take them straight into the supernatural valley. When working properly, the AI ​​is able to reference moments from Forsen’s career and answer chat questions in such a way that they relate directly to them.

This isn’t ideal, as the AI ​​occasionally randomly spews unintelligible gibberish trying to mimic Forsen’s speech patterns. But considering this is a test thread, that was to be expected.

Chat questions were all over the place and so were forsen_AI_’s answers. It’s hard to predict what to expect from the AI, resulting in responses that range from hilarious to downright terrifying.

So far, forsen_AI_ has done everything from chatting jokes to claiming to have killed people and buried them. Neuro-sama received his own Twitch ban for comments left live, and it wouldn’t be surprising if forsen_AI_ suffered the same fate.

Also, some viewers have noticed odd moments where background noise interferes with the broadcast.

forsen_AI_ held more than a thousand regular viewers for several hours, leaving people fascinated by its accuracy and confused by what happens in moments when everything does not work as intended.

It’s hard to say to what end AI serves and whether it was created for a purpose other than imitating Forsen. But he had something to say about his own existence. “I’m not God, I’m Forsen.”

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