“Somag News: Uncovering the Viral Trend of ‘Shut Up, It’s Not’ on TikTok”

Introduction: TikTok is the go-to platform for the latest viral trends and sounds. The latest trend to take the app by storm is the “shut up it’s not” sound, which was taken from a scene in the Chucky TV series. This sound has inspired countless users to create videos with the audio, expressing their disbelief at newly discovered facts and discoveries. From inner monologues to the cost of trash cans, users are getting millions of likes and views on their videos. The sound is becoming more and more popular, with users harnessing its potential to create their own versions of the trend.

TikTokers love the viral “shut up it’s not” sound on the app that’s kicking off a whole new viral trend — here’s everything you need to know about the trend and where it came from.

A huge part of a lot TikTok videos contain “sounds” in the background, and these sounds often form the basis of the trends that end up completely capturing the app.

Although many audio files are songs, some may also be clips from movies or TV shows that have inspired thousands of people to create their own videos using sound.

In the latest audio captured by TikTok, the woman says, “Shut up, it’s not,” and the other responds, “Yes, it is,” with the original speaker insisting in response, “No, it’s not.”

In fact, the sound was taken from one of the scenes with the actress Jennifer Tilly in the second season of Chucky, and this short clip inspired a whole new viral trend where users are getting millions of likes and views on their videos.


♬ original sound – Taylor Dean

In this trend, users will state amazing facts or certain things they only recently discovered, using the “shut up, it’s not” part of the audio to express their disbelief in what they’ve learned.

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“When I realized that some people have an inner voice that speaks all their thoughts, and they think in real words and sentences,” he wrote TikTok user excerpts.and.stories in a video that has garnered more than two million likes.


I would go crazy with an internal monologue #innermonologue #think #inside voice #jotupitine

♬ original sound – Taylor Dean

“When I moved into my first apartment, I had all these fun ideas, but the trash can alone cost $75,” said user taco_isabella in the video, which has garnered over a million likes.

This sound attracts more and more attention as it appears For you pages around the world, and users are harnessing the sound’s near-infinite potential to create their own versions of the trend.