“Suga from BTS is the Star of Valentino’s New Ad Campaign – The Kidnapper’s Show!”

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Introduction: K-pop group BTS has been making waves in the music industry with their unique sound and style. The members of the group have been active in their work, with the oldest of the group, Gin, serving in the army, and the rest preparing for their comeback. Suga, the rapper of the group, has been chosen to model this year’s Maison Valentino Essentials collection. This collection aims to challenge the idea of masculinity and create a more open approach to clothing for men. Suga is known for his feline facial features and his ability to create androgynous styles. In the behind-the-scenes video, Suga is seen wearing an all-black jumpsuit, as well as a bright pink ensemble. His fashion sense is casual yet chic, and his personal style includes mostly monochrome clothes. What do you think of Suga’s recent fashion campaign?

The mega-popular one k-pop The group may have taken a short break from their usual group activities, but the members are very active in their work. While the oldest of the group, Gin, serving in the army, the rest are preparing for their comeback, teaming up with other artists or participating in fashion campaigns. Suga, for example, was chosen to model this year’s Maison Valentino Essentials collection.

This makes sense, as the rapper is known for his ambivalence on and off stage. And he was always outspoken about the toxic culture of masculinity, which made him the perfect model for this campaign. The brand recently released a preview video where we were introduced to the campaign.

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BTS’ Suga created a hot pink ensemble for Valentino

Valentino couldn’t have picked a better model to showcase his new men’s collection. Known for his feline facial features, Suga can create androgynous styles very easily. With the latest collection, Valentino aims to challenge the idea of ​​masculinity. It aims for a “boundless approach to clothing” for men. The behind-the-scenes video shows the BTS member with his current long black hair slicked back and wearing an all-black jumpsuit. It’s edgy and compliments his hip-hop background. In the second image, it is depicted in bright pink.

Shuga has previously stated that he considers the concept of a culture of masculinity to be toxic, one that limits men in terms of certain expressions or characteristics. “I don’t like those expressions. What does it mean to be brave?” he told Esquire.

One of the hens, Shuga, is known for being casual yet chic. His personal sense of style includes mostly monochrome clothes, but on stage he also swaps neon colors for pastel pinks. A man can be both cool and boyishly cute. Suga recently flew to Los Angeles to support the Lakers in the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks game. His chic Valentino outfit at Incheon International Airport before flying to Los Angeles also made headlines.

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