Who was Suzanne Mills? What is the Cause of Death of Newsday Ex-Editor-in-Chief and Journalist , Find out the Latest News

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Suzanne Mills Death News: What is the Cause of Death of Suzanne Mills? Recently, we got the latest news through our online sources about Newsday’s former editor-in-chief named Suzanne who passed away recently. She was a journalist and editor at Trinidad & Tobago Newsday newspaper. According to the reports, she was found dead mysteriously at her home. Since then the news has become the headlines on various news channels. Her neighbors first saw her body and then called the police at her home. Right now, the death of Suzanne Mills has become a mystery on the internet web. Let’s continue our discussion on the death of Suzanne Mills in the next section.

Suzanne Mills

Who was Suzanne Mills?

Suzanne Mills was a well-known personality and ex- editor-in-chief in the Trinidad & Tobago Newsday. Unfortunately, she has left the world leaving her close ones in pain and suffering. A shocking report recently surfaced on the internet that was quite shocking.

According to the reports, Suzanne died 2 or 3 days before when her neighbors found her dead in her bedroom. The dead body of Suzanne Mills was sent to the medical team for autopsy. As per the neighbors’ statement, they found something suspicious, and then they called the fire services to her home.

What is the Cause of Death of Suzanne Mills?

It was around 11:58 PM when Suzanne Mills was discovered dead in her bedroom. However, there are several online sources who have been claiming that either she is killed or committed suicide. If she is killed, then who would be the murderer?

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Currently, the Police didn’t get any clue that proves that she is murdered. Although, it is assuming that she has committed suicide. However, the investigation team hasn’t come to the conclusion yet regarding Suzanne Mills’ death. Neither have they made further announcements regarding this case on the internet web.

So, all we need to do is wait for the future update until the Police get solid evidence if she was murdered. The State Police dug out past of Suzanne, then it came to know that she was once gone missing on 16 August 2019. Then, on 19 August 2019, she was found. Currently, the State Police and authorities are investigating the case.

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