Sydney Sweeney once spoke about the N*de sequences she shot for Euphoria and how she felt about them ⋆ Somag News

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Sidney Sweeney is considered one of those stars who perform nude scenes with the greatest grace. She was only 21 when she starred in Euphoria, but the maturity with which she played these scenes is very noticeable.

In addition to the unique storyline, Euphoria on HBO is also known for depicting explicit scenes. While some people find the frequent use of such scenes unnecessary in a teen drama, many find them appropriate for the sake of the story. And Sydney Sweeney, who did a lot of them on the show, once spoke about her thoughts on them.

Sydney Sweeney felt at ease performing nude scenes

As brave as she is to act in such scenes on an international platform, she also shares her experience very actively. The Washington resident has said in the past that she feels very comfortable shooting nude scenes on the set of the show. Since there were many such scenes in the script of the show, the makers hired the intimate coordinator who helped the actors with their candid scenes.

Sweeney stated that she is in complete control of the nude scenes she performs. However, the fact that she made the decision to act in such scenes does not mean that she was not nervous about it. In fact, she initially refused to audition after learning she would have to perform nude scenes on the show.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, when the offer came back to her, she decided to take it and ended up getting an Emmy Award nomination for her fantastic performance. Sweeney has appeared in nude scenes and in projects other than Euphoria. She played a beautiful candid scene in the 2021 movie Voyeur.

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The 25-year-old star has been criticized for nude scenes in the past, but she doesn’t care. In fact, a while ago some people tagged her family members in her nude scenes from Euphoria. Although she was disgusted by this, she also said that such activities encourage her to do more such scenes in the future, just to make these people angry.

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