“The Bear” Reveals Second Season Release Date and Episode Count: Somag News

It’s been a long wait, but the highly anticipated second season of “The Bear” is finally here! This FX-produced kitchen drama stars Jeremy Allen White and tells the story of Carmen Berzato, a chef who returns to his family’s sandwich shop following the death of his brother. The season will have 10 episodes and will debut on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK. The Bear promises to bring viewers an exciting blend of suspense, family comedy, and surreal psychological drama. Fans can look forward to seeing Carmen revive his family’s restaurant and explore the themes of friendship and partnership. With its unique blend of genres and characters, The Bear is sure to be one of the most talked about shows of the summer.

The Bear has announced the release date and number of episodes of the long-awaited second season.

The critically acclaimed kitchen drama starring Jeremy Allen White debuts on FX and Disney+ in 2022 and will return this year for a second round.

After co-showrunners Christopher Storer and Joanna Kahlo confirmed that the show would return in 2023, The Bear’s official social media accounts confirmed that the show would return to screens in early summer.

The second season will have 10 episodes, two more than the first, and will debut on Hulu in the US.

A UK release date has yet to be announced, the first season will be released on Disney+ in the UK a few months after the initial US release.

The Hulu The FX-produced show quietly became one of the most talked about shows of the summer earlier this year as it followed chef Carmen Berzato (White) from the kitchens of fine restaurants back to the family sandwich shop after the death of his brother. .

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Speaking to Variety about the second season earlier this year, Storer said: “We wanted to do something about friendship and partnership.

“It’s really so funny that that’s one of the things that people have taken away – from all the heavy-handed crap that goes on in the show! It was interesting because Ayo [Edebiri, who plays Sydney] and Jeremy, because they’re friends of ours and such wonderful people, I think that charisma comes from both of them.”

Speaking to Esquire earlier this year, Custodian also teased that the second season will feature Carmen reviving his family’s restaurant. “It’s more like, how can we do this and maybe make some money?” he said. “And maybe make it easier? Or maybe – maybe – start where it’s not gross? Instead of beating a dead horse and cooking this fucking food that no one even wants to make, I see the prospect of my family finding their family in the kitchen.

“Can we use this to create something fresh after we’ve all found ourselves in this stupid system where things don’t make sense and people put beef broth on the top fucking shelf of the counter?”

“The Bear” was included in NME’s list of the best TV shows of 2022, and Alex Flood wrote: “Just when you thought you’d got your hands on the suspenseful kitchen drama The Bear, it turned into a completely different dish.

“After starting out as a Legacy-esque backstabbing workplace show, it eventually became a wholesome family comedy, settling on a surreal psychological portrait along the way.”

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