The best free ad blockers to block pop-ups and ads in 2023 [Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc]

The internet is full of ads and they are very annoying. If you too are frustrated by countless ads and pop-ups on websites, we present here the list of 10 Best Free Ad Blockers which you can use in Chrome or any other web browser to block ads, pop-ups and spyware.

Ad blockers not only protect you from the frustration of receiving and accidentally opening ads, they also protect your privacy online. They also reduce web page clutter and protect you from spyware-infested items.

What is an ad blocker?

Ad Blocker is software that blocks and removes advertisements available on the Internet. It activates when you load a website and prevents all code consisting of ad elements, pop-ups or spyware from running.

Most websites offer content for free, but in return you have to watch ads. However, when you use an ad blocker, you don’t have to be frustrated by opening ads and seeing inappropriate things on your screen.

The best free ad blockers

A good ad blocker should have great ad blocking capabilities, should have a good reputation, and shouldn’t put too much strain on your wallet. That’s why it’s a bit difficult to choose the right one. We’ve made it easy for you by presenting the best options below.

10 Best Free Ad Blockers to Use in 2023

Here is a list of the best free ad blockers you can use in 2023. You can use these brilliant ad blockers with any web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge or any other.

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1. AdLock

AdLock is an amazing ad blocker that works across multiple browsers and platforms. It is compatible with Windows and Android apps. This tool is able to block ads and pop-ups in any app.


The best part is that it is available for free and still boasts a long list of features. You can even remove ads from videos using this browser tool.

Find it here

2. Brave browser

Brave is not an ad blocker, but a web browser that comes with a built-in ad blocking feature. You can use this browser if you want to surf the web smoothly. This browser blocks annoying ads on all websites, including ads in YouTube videos.

Brave browser

This means you can watch videos without the annoying ads on YouTube or any other similar website without requiring a premium subscription. The best part is that Brave allows you to voluntarily view its own ads and pays you in the form of “BAT” token, which is a cryptocurrency.

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3. Adblocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate

Adblocker Ultimate is one of the most popular ad blockers available on the web. This excellent tool can remove ads from almost any website available on the internet, including YouTube. You can watch videos without annoying ads appearing.

Find it here

4. AdGuard


AdGuard is a more famous ad blocker that comes with a freemium model. It is the perfect tool when you want to block ads, trackers or any kind of spyware from entering your computer. If you want to try the premium version, there is also a 14-day free trial.

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5. uBlock Origin
Origin of uBlock

uBlock Origin is a free and open source ad blocker that works with almost any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and more. This is a very popular tool that allows you to block ads and trackers in real time on any website or app.

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6. Popper blocker
Popper blocker

Popper Blocker is another brilliant tool to prevent annoying website ads from popping up. The highlight of this tool is that it can also block website overlays that block ad blockers from working. This makes it one of the best options on this list.

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7. Ghostery

Ghostery is the next amazing ad blocker on this list of free ad blockers to use in 2023. It’s an open source tool that works with almost every web browser, including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera. It allows users to block ads, trackers and make browsing seamless.

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8. NoScript

NoScript is not a dedicated ad blocker, but a script blocker. It prevents any scripts like Javascripot, Java, Flash etc from loading. on web pages. The only limitation is that it only works with Firefox.


You cannot use this impressive ad and popup blocker in other browsers. However, if you are a Firefox user, this is one of the best free ad blockers to use in 2023.

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9. Stands Fair Adblocker
Worth Fair Adblocker

Stands Fair Adblocker is another tool that is limited to a specific web browser only. This great tool only works with Google Chrome and allows you to block all types of ads in it. You can use it to make your browsing fast, fast and satisfying.

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10. Trustnav Adblocker
Trustnav Adblocker

Trustnav Adblocker comes from a highly trusted antivirus company. The standalone ad blocker plugin is available for free and allows you to block ads, pop-ups and spyware on all websites. You can also use it to make your browsing faster, safer and more secure.

There’s also a combination ad blocker and antivirus plugin for Google Chrome, but you’ll have to spend about $2 a month to get it. It will be worth it though.

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Final summary

That was our list of 10 Best Free Ad Blockers to Use in 2023. You can use any of the tools mentioned in this list without worrying about their effectiveness. Just make sure you use the right option according to your device and needs.

We hope you are now safe from annoying internet ads. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us through the comment box.