The Chess Olympiad 2022: Chennai Is Set To Host 44th Chess Olympiad!

Nowadays, a headline has been fetching the attention of people all over the world. As per the All India Chess Federation (AICF), Chennai will be hosting The Chess Olympiad 2022. Initially, it was just a rumor on the internet web. Now, it has been officially confirmed. Due to this, the news has been trending all over the social media platform. Recently, we got a tweet from AICF’s Twitter handle where they wrote, “it’s official now… India will hot the 44th World  The Chess Olympiad 2022 at Chennai“.

Now, it will be very exciting to see the opening ceremony of the Olympiad in Chennai. For further reports, stay on this page.

The Chess Olympiad 2022: Chennai Is Set To Host 44th Chess Olympiad!

So, be ready to witness the second major world event that will be had in the country. Although, we have already witnessed the moment before during the World Championship match in 2013 that was played between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen.

According to the reports, Russia was supposed to be hosting The Chess Olympiad 2022 by AICF’s official statement. But due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine. Now, it will be held in Chennai, India.

Recently, we got a tweet from the AICF secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan. He wrote, “Yeah, we are bidding for the Chess Olympiad this year. The budget for the event would be USD 10 million”. If you have no idea about Chess Olympiad, let us tell you that it is a biennial team tournament, in which several teams from 190 countries compete.

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According to the reports, The Chess Olympiad 2022 was supposed to be held in Moscow from 26 July to August 8. Although, we are already familiar with the situation and crisis happening between Russia and Ukraine.

However, the community of FIDE (the International Chess Federation) is going to postpone or cancel the Chess Olympiad and all other official competitions from Russia.

Along with it, the other event which is got canceled by Russia are the first Chess Olympiad for people with disabilities and the 93rd FIDE Congress. Right now, the Chess Olympiad 2022 has been searching top at the google searches. For further updates keep updated on our website.

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