The Forbidden Marriage (2023) Episode 9 Preview: Korean Drama Release Date, Time, Cast & More

Chun Ji-hye’s web novel based popular South Korean TV series The Forbidden Marriage (2023) Episode 9 will be aired very soon, and since the release of Episode 8 of the series, fans have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode of the TV series . Fans’ excitement for Episode 9 is the reason why it has been a trending topic on various social platforms.

So, are you also one of those fans who are eagerly waiting for ‘Forbidden Marriage Episode 9’? If yes, then continue reading this article so you can know more about Forbidden Marriage (2023) Episode 9 preview, release date, star cast and much more!

What is the series “Forbidden Marriage” about?

“Forbidden Marriage” is a popular ongoing South Korean television series starring Park Joo Hyun, Kim Woo Seok, and Kim Young Dae. The TV series is based on renowned screenwriter Chun Ji-hye’s web novel of the same name, which was released as a webtoon.

MBC’s South Korean drama Forbidden Marriage is set in a fictional period during the Joseon Dynasty. The series follows the story of Lee Heon, who is the king of Joseon and issued a marriage ban after the death of his heir to the throne seven years ago, as he was unable to survive her death.

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One day, the king hears of a woman named Ye So Rang who claims that the spirit of the king’s wife exists in the royal palace. She is arrested and then sent to the prison where police officer Lee Shin Won works. In order to survive, Ye So Rang acts as if her body is possessed by the king’s late wife. She continues to lie, and as the series progresses, her lies get bigger and bolder.

Based on a web novel by Chun Ji Hye, this series is directed by JeongHoon and Park Sang Woo, and the music is provided by Noh Hyeong-woo. The producers of this series are Lee Dae-yong, Son Sang-beom, Moon Seok-hwan, and Oh Kwang-hee, while the executive producers are Yoon Gi-taek and Oh Jin-seung.

Who is in the all-star cast of Forbidden Marriage (2023)?

The star cast of the popular Korean drama “Forbidden Marriage” includes ‘Kim Young-dae as Lee Heon’, ‘Park Ju-hyun as Ye So-rang’ and ‘Kim Woo-seok as Lee Shin-won’ as main leads. Special appearances in the series are from ‘Han Sang-jin as Ahn Ji-hyung’, ‘No Min-woo’ and ‘Park Gyeong-ree as Cho-ran’.

In supporting roles, the star cast includes ‘Yang Dong-geun as Jo Seong-gyun’, ‘SeoJin-won as Kwon Rip’, ‘Lee Doo-seok as Kim Ui-jun’, ‘Hwang Jung-min as Court Lady’, “Choi Deok-moon as Gwaeng-i” and “Jung Bo-min as Hae-young”. “Jeon Jin-oh as Na Sang-ju,” “Jo Seung-yeon as Lee Jeong-hak,” “Lee Hyun-geol as Se-jang,”

“Yoon Jeong-hun as Ja Chun-seok,” “Lee Jeong-hyun as Oh Deok-hoon,” “Park Sun-young as Seo Un-jeong,” “Kim Min-seok as Wang-bae,” among others .

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When does The Forbidden Marriage episode 9 premiere?

The first ever episode of Chun Ji-hye’s own web novel based TV series Forbidden Marriage (2023) aired on December 9, 2022 and since then the series has been among the most popular names in South Korean TV series . The series has 8.3 stars on IMDB.

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The most recent episode of the series, Episode 8, was released on Sunday, January 8, 2023, in which the main focus was “So-rang rejects Heon after he confuses her and the crown prince.” “He leaves the palace to win So-rang’s heart, but there’s someone targeting him.”

After ‘Forbidden Marriage’ episode 8, fans have become even more excited for the upcoming episode. “Forbidden Marriage Episode 9” is scheduled to air on Friday, January 13, 2023 at 9:50 PM (KST).

Looking at the excitement of the audience for the release of “The Forbidden Marriage (2023) Episode 9”, it seems that the episode will prove to be an even bigger success than the previous ones. However, to watch Episode 9, audiences will have to wait until its premiere on January 13, 2023.

Series The Forbidden Marriage: Episode 9 (2023)
Cast Kim Young-dae as Lee Heon, Park Ju-hyun as Ye So-rang and Kim Woo-seok as Lee Shin-won as (main leads)
Release date January 13, 2023
time Friday, 21:50 (KST).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the name of the king of Joseon in the series “Forbidden Marriage”

The name of the King of Joseon in the South Korean TV series Forbidden Marriage (2023) is Lee Heon.

When is Forbidden Marriage episode 9 coming out?

Episode 9 of the South Korean TV series ‘Forbidden Marriage’ will be broadcast on Friday, January 13, 2023. After the recently released Episode 8, fans’ excitement for the upcoming episode has increased.

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