“Tom Hanks’ Posthumous Picks: Two Films He Wants to Live On”

The incomparable Tom Hanks is an actor who needs no introduction. He has entertained us for decades with his captivating performances in some of the best films ever made. Now, he is back with his latest film, A Man Named Otto. This dark drama follows the life of Otto, a miserly business manager who is struggling to come to terms with his own mortality. Through Otto’s story, Hanks explores the depths of sadness and grief in a way that only he can. Along with a stellar cast, including Daniel Craig, Jude Law, and Paul Newman, Hanks brings this story to life in a way that is both heartbreaking and inspiring. While the movie may not be a hit with critics, it is sure to be remembered as one of Hanks’ most memorable roles. So, if you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think, A Man Named Otto is the perfect choice.

No one reading this story wants to Tom Hanks to go anywhere anytime. A person is a national treasure. He has entertained us for decades in the best movies ever made, and we hope he will continue to entertain us for decades to come. But there’s no denying the fact that his last few films, from Finch to Elvis, have approached the darker reality of death, and that streak continues in his latest film, A Man Named Otto. As you can see in the movie’s trailer, Otto (Hanks) is a miser who also manages his neighbors’ businesses. But as you’ll discover, there’s a sadness to Otto that drives the film forward in unexpected ways.

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Tom Hanks returned to ReelBlend, CinemaBlend’s official film podcast, this week and talked a lot about legacy. Now, if you know Hanks at all (and we’ve been lucky enough to delve deep into his filmography in the past), he doesn’t want to waste time dwelling on the past. But he likes to discuss crafts. This guy has been making movies most of his life and has worked with all the greats.

But talking about A Man Named Otto, one of several upcoming book-to-film adaptations, got him thinking, and we went down the rabbit hole talking about one of his favorite movies that he says is overlooked: “Sam Mendes .” The Road to Perdition. And in this conversation, Hanks talks about two titles from his career that he hopes will be remembered as the industry celebrates his incredible legacy. As he told the ReelBlend hosts:

You know, in the field of inheritance, if somebody says to me, “Hey, Tom, as soon as you die for real…” which won’t happen for a while, right staff? It won’t be a while. “Do you want to organize a film festival of your works?” And what if someone else chooses the films? They’ll just be hits. You know, the ones that play every Christmas. But I would actually say that there are a number of things that I have to go back to and get into the realm of what I thought of as presence and authenticity. It was very, very, very specific to those particular characters in those particular movies. If you had to ask me for five movies, honestly, one of them would be What Are You Doing, because from what I understand, it’s filled with joy. And hopefully I’ll have a bunch more movies that I can still make, which may or may not be there. But I would say The Road to Perdition is going to be one of those ones where I just have to say, “Please look how quiet it is in here.” You know? “Please look at the silence.”

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Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things Tom Hanks Amazing work, this Cursed Road is overlooked because he does an AMAZING job in a story about a gangster trying to protect his young son from joining his father’s line of work. In addition to Hanks’ presence, the film’s cast includes a very young and promising Daniel Craig, Jude Law and the iconic Paul Newman in one of his last screen roles. The director is Sam Mendes (Skyfall, 1917) and the cinematographer is the legendary cinematographer Conrad Hall. So yes, it’s a cold classic and more people should watch it. I just double checked. It’s streaming on Netflix. Come and see.

And of course “What are you doing” will be another choice from Tom Hanks, both because it’s a wonderful film and because it was his directorial debut, so it will always hold a special place in his heart. But Tom Hanks isn’t ready to talk legacy. Not exactly. As we speak, he has a new movie in theaters. A Man Named Otto remakes a Swedish film and adapts it for an American audience, but gives Hanks a significant role that he completely elevates. You can watch our full interview with Tom Hanks below:

It was rumored for a while that Otto drew Hanks into the crowded conversation for best actor, but his Elvis co-star Austin Butler, The Whale’s Brendan Fraser and Inishreen’s Colin Farrell seem to have shut him down. However, A Man Called Otto is very much worth your time, so go to the theaters and watch it.