Tragic End for Missing Ohio Teenager DeAsia Green: Found Shot and Killed

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What happened to DeAsia Green?  Missing Ohio teenager found shot and killed

Missing Ohio teenager found dead in alley after being shot. A teenager was shot and killed outside John Adams High School. Outside the bus stop, DOA. A memorial is being held Tuesday night for DeAsia Green, the Toledo teenager who went missing before being found dead in a driveway yesterday. Her mother and stepfather say this shouldn’t have happened and are urging people to come forward and find her killer. Learn more about what happened to DeAsia Green and her missing person case.

DeAsia Green Missing Case: Explained

Toledo police are investigating the murder of 15-year-old DeAsia Green. The teenager attended Start High School and was reported missing by her parents on January 5. She was last seen at her home on December 31, 2022. Police say on January 3, her parents went to pick her up from a friend. She wasn’t there.

They had text communication with her, but were never able to locate her on the phone or see her in person. On January 5, they filed a report with the police. The family says the teenager has run before, but this time is a little different.

When DeAsia was 3 years old, her father, DeAndre Green, was shot and killed while getting into his car in north Toledo on Phillips Avenue. Family members spoke to WTOL 11 after DeAndre Green’s death in October 2010 and pleaded with the community for any information.

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“Someone knows something. Any information that you can provide to us, the family or the media, please send it in,” Leo Tate Jr., DeAndre’s grandfather, told WTOL 11 during the family interview.

What happened to DeAsia Green?

Ohio police report that a The missing 15-year-old girl was shot and killed. Her death is being treated as a possible homicide.

DeAsia Green, 15, a student at Start High School, was reported missing Monday and police learned she had been shot. She was found dead by Toledo police in an alley.

The incident is being investigated by police as a homicide, although no suspects have been named. No information is currently available on the circumstances of the teenager’s death.

DeAsia Green’s parents reported her missing earlier this month, according to investigators who spoke to WTVG. Police described her as a “regular runaway”, but her parents believe the teenager’s disappearance this time is unusual.

DeAsia Green’s parents provided the police search team with the information they learned, and it helped the team find DeAsia’s body.

The 15-year relationship of DeAndre Green, a 2010 homicide victim whose killing remains unsolved, was confirmed by investigators Tuesday. His case was featured on WTVG’s Case Files the previous year. DeAsia’s death, according to police, is not related to that of her father.

Vigil for 15-year-old DeAsia Green

As DeAsia Green’s family, friends and loved ones gathered for a vigil Tuesday in the same north Toledo alley where her body was found the day before, a gunshot-like sound disrupted the ceremony and sent everyone fleeing. Police later told WTOL 11 the explosion was a set off firecracker. The vigil served as a cathartic release for her parents and other family members and marked the beginning of their recovery process.

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Although the vigil was cut short, Teairia Hill, DeAsia’s mother, tearfully thanked everyone in attendance for coming and their support.

Hill said: “De’Asia would appreciate you too because if anything she loved her friends and family and I really appreciate you so much, that means everything to me. Soon after, the fireworks went off. According to Save Our Community Commissioner David Bush, the vigil’s intent to memorialize the Start High School freshmen was not diminished by its length.

“Celebrating a life or mourning a life is just something that is ingrained in our community because these families need to know that they are seen or heard in their time of grief,” he added. Bush stressed the importance of continuing to show unwavering support for DeAsia’s family long after his life was tragically cut short.

These families should be aware of our support, he said. “We want people to put down their guns and we want to resolve disputes through alternative means, and (Save Our Community) will always play a role in that.”

Save Our Community, the city of Toledo’s violence intervention initiative, is both a representation of efforts to stop further deaths and an extension of the Glass City’s assistance to people grieving the loss of children to violence, according to Bush.

Bush claims that the sustained success of the Save Our Community program has attracted the interest of outside parties. In the future, he said, a group from Cleveland will follow the Toledo team.


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