Troy Deeney praises mentality of Manchester United academy products ⋆ Somag News

Troy Deeney praised the mentality of Manchester United’s academy products compared to other big clubs.

The 34-year-old currently plays in the Championship with hometown club Birmingham City.

It was there that the forward teamed up with United recruit Hannibal Maybry and former United Academy graduate Tait Chong.

Speaking to The Times, Dini said: “I always find the United guys have the right attitude, I don’t know if it’s because of what [Sir Alex Ferguson] invested there several decades ago, but those who came from Manchester United. always respectful, willing to be better.

Deeney also made a comparison United alumni of alumni of other big clubs, saying that “money is never decisive for them. I’ve had people from Chelsea and other clubs and it’s mainly motivated by money, whereas at Manchester United it’s ‘I want to be the best of the best’. Even if they don’t continue to do it, there’s always that drive.”

Danny Drinkwater, who has played with many United academy graduates throughout his career, was the one he pointed to, saying: “The earliest I had was when Danny Drinkwater came to Watford from Manchester United. to get better and then continue the career that he has had.”

I drink water never really broke through at United but still reached the highest echelons of the game when he lifted the Premier League trophy with Leicester in 2016 and earned an England call-up.

In the twilight of his career, Deeney now sees it as his duty to help young players, noting: “My job now is to mold them and help guide them on and off the field.”

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With his checkered past and cantankerous nature early in his career, Dini’s past could have been a lesson for the often grumpy Mabry.

Fortunately, Mabry didn’t see the Reds more than once, but he often walked a tightrope during his loan spell, picking up eight yellow cards.

Despite the fact that the Tunisian showed over-enthusiasm at times, he impressed for the Midlands club and provided three assists in 23 appearances.

The last outing was in Saturday’s 1-2 loan match at Preston North End, where Mabry played 62 minutes.

Birmingham live rated his performance as ‘6.5 – his first 45 was a period to forget as he failed to establish himself in the game and received another avoidable caution. His tenacity in the second half was unlike his teammates and it was a little unexpected to see him substituted after an hour.