Up in arms! Indecent Viral Videos by Lombok Artists, NTB Videos 3 Min 7 Seconds Viral on TikTok and Twitter

Up in arms! Indecent Viral Videos by Lombok Artists, NTB Videos 3 Min 7 Seconds Viral on TikTok and Twitter

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Up in arms!  Indecent Viral Videos by Lombok Artists, NTB Videos 3 Min 7 Seconds Viral on TikTok and Twitter
my education.orgUp in arms! Indecent Viral Videos by Lombok Artists, NTB Videos 3 Min 7 Seconds Viral on TikTok and Twitter.

A local Lombok artist, NTB, with the initials ES, also went viral on social media. The viral video contains a WhatsApp VC call or video recording.

This Lombok artist’s viral video is much sought after on Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and also actors. The actor in the 3-minute 7-second video is now viral on social media until Saturday, October 29, 2022, believed to be a local artist with the initials ES.

ES, who is suspected of being an actor in the viral TikTok video and various social media platforms, is known as a content creator in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province. However, now Celebgram is facing problems due to the circulation of WhatsApp video calls or VC recordings of himself and others.

In the viral Lombok video circulating, the TikTok celebrity and local YouTuber also showed off their genitals. Suddenly, the video footage began circulating on many social media platforms and went viral.

Currently, links with the keyword #videovirallombok are also widely requested by netizens on social media. However, the now viral video on TikTok no longer features the completely uncensored VC footage that was originally 187 seconds long.

From the viral video on TikTok

With the recent development of the video distribution case, it is clear that the police have handled it. ES has recently been shown to increase vigilance at the Mapolres or the waiting room of the Central Lombok Police.

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One of the educational videos was uploaded from the @roysuhende **** account.

The uploader wrote along with the 23-second video, “Please help your friends with comments about EMI #lombokviral #lomboktiktok #lombokfyp.”

ES who is believed to be the cast in viral video The circulating Lombok made a statement in the local language. The video’s caption reads, “I was a one-time fantasy before the actual event and I may have been a little hurt.

In the local language, ES also asked for help and appealed to the public not to repost or repost the video. “I can report it to the authorities,” said ES, who was wearing a dark brown scarf, brown shirt and long black skirt.

Viral Video Circulating

However, according to TribunnewsSultra.com monitoring, Lombok’s viral video has been shared on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Assuming ES is playing by looking for an intimate WhatsApp video call or VC link.

Use the search hashtag #videovirallombok #lombokviral, etc. However, the viral TikTok video currently being distributed does not show the actual video of the VC being completely uncensored.

The viral video currently circulating only has a short clip of the VC. There are also netizens who display scenes in a censored state and cover them with emoticon memes.

One of them is seen in the video uploaded by the @racun_thrif ***** account which is only 11 seconds long. In the video description, it is placed “Art Jenin Lombok Arak Arak #CapCut #virallombok #fyp #fyplombok”.

Likewise, the viral TikTok video uploaded by the Aria*** account is 13 seconds long. Videos

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The uploader captioned the video and wrote: “Okay, please send me Wa#lomboktiktok #fyp”. In fact, one of the videos downloaded from the @dedek_**** account at a glance appears inappropriate scenes in WhatsApp or VC video calls.

“He said #lomboktoktok_fyp #lomboktoktiral is still viral,” he wrote accompanying the caption in the 17-second video. In the viral video that went viral on TikTok, ES is seen wearing a black t-shirt with slightly low rips.

ES, who usually wears a hijab, is also seen without a headscarf. A scene from a popular WhatsApp video call or VC shows the moment ES shows off a tight black t-shirt.

He is then seen holding the exposed private part with his right hand. In the sequel video, the woman is seen lying down while continuing her VC.

WhatsApp video calls

He was seen showing facial expressions on various occasions, and was seen moving his lips in one scene. WhatsApp video call

Even the footage of the nasty scene is even clearer in the screenshot of the viral Lombok viral video uploaded by the @iza011*** account.

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The post reveals that there is more than one intimate WhatsApp video call or VC going viral right now. However, there are two videos that are 3 minutes 7 seconds and 3 minutes 8 seconds long.

One of the screenshots, apparently sent from Facebook’s Messenger feature, shows a woman removing a tight black T-shirt she was wearing.

The forbidden part, which remained thinly draped in black underwear and bra, was exposed. The woman’s right hand made her sit on the bed.

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However, in the second video, the woman is seen lying down. The screenshot appears to be taken from the top of the woman, showing her thighs.

Video footage of the video delivery shows the woman’s hands holding her bare bottom. But his face is no longer visible in the video.

A number of netizens also commented on the upload, asking for the original link to the video. The account @Dierly**** wrote: “Ask bozz.

Online with account @sunde****. “Send me.” she asked

However, several viral TikTok videos circulated promoting the appearance of the Lombok actress’ video. Some want to be able to instantly backup WhatsApp video calls or VC scene recorder.

One of them is a viral video in Lombok which was uploaded to the @hanika02** account. The uploader wrote in the video description: “Your report has been accepted… Please stop playing the video.” Then, he added, “If someone broadcasts or posts on social media, I follow them… Sincere apologies from sister @emisa *****”. The video shows seven people, four men and three women, sitting cross-legged and guiding ES.

One of the men in the video speaks on behalf of the other. The man in the video can be heard pleading and pleading with the public not to show the viral Lombok video that had been shocked in the last few days.