Vanessa Hudgens Got A Little Angry About Elvis’ Ex Austin Butler’s Voice And Had Mixed Reaction On The Internet ⋆ Somag News

When the first trailer for Baz Luhrmann “elvis” came out, we were all shocked, not only was Austin Butler swinging his hips like a king, but he was also doing Elvis’ voice perfectly. Now, however, it seems that Elvis’ voice has never eluded the Golden Globe-winning actor. As the uproar surrounding Elvis Austin Butler’s voice continues, his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens has weighed in with a spicy comment that has sparked mixed reactions online.

Austin Butler went to great lengths to become king, including not seeing his family for years, watching all the Elvis footage he could find on YouTube, and even falling asleep listening to Elvis’ voice. It seems that the whole time he was studying the King of Rock and Roll, he had a connection with him. On Instagram, commentbycelebs posted a screenshot of an article on Page Six in which Butler’s voice coach defends his voice and says it’s “authentic” and can stay “forever.” After Instagram user Ryan Scott joked that Butler was “going to Lady Gaga’s school of acting at the Oscars,” Hudgens commented that she was “crying.” Check out this spicy post below:

Usually when someone says “cry”, it is only an embellishment of the fact that he laughs through tears. Lady Gaga’s comment, made by Scott, was related to the fact that the Gucci House star admitted to sticking with that fake Italian accent for a year and a half of filming, and then nine months later. When you spend a lot of time trying to portray another person’s voice or movements, it can be hard to shake it off once the cameras stop rolling. Instagram users don’t know what to make of Vanessa Hudgens’ comment when one user theorized about a particular comment made by the actress.

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he got the part when they were still together. probably had to live with that accent for a minute 😭 😭

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have been together for over eight years. They met in 2011 at a birthday party for High School Musical castmate Ashley Tisdale’s sister. In 2019 on Live with Kelly and Ryan Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! The actress said that after hearing Butler sing along to Elvis Presley’s Christmas carol in the car, she told him he had to play Elvis at some point in his career. Besides, don’t you know about it? The Nickelodeon star got a call from her agent about the Baz Luhrmann film. So during their time together before their 2019 split, she probably saw his transformation.

Another Instagram user was confused by Hadjen’s comment.

I don’t understand this post 🤓

This user won’t be the only one who doesn’t understand why people are talking about this post. Are people interpreting this post as Vanessa Hudgens throwing shade at her ex-boyfriend for laughing at a joke about Lady Gaga? There appears to be no reason to believe that there is animosity between them. Austin Butler moved on and has been with model Kaia Gerber since late 2021, while Hudgens has been with MLB star Cole Tucker since 2020. Maybe she just found the joke to be funny without anything serious about it. An additional comment said that the Bandslam actress was clearly looking at the situation from the outside.

Vanessa planted the seed and now she is detached from the situation and just watching, just like the rest of us. Wild.

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We’ve all seen how At Austin Butler the voice has changed since elvis started filming. If you saw video of Butler as a teenager when he was doing guest spots on Nickelodeon and Disney, his voice was very baritone, but it wasn’t Elvis. Fans were concerned that this actor kept his new voice for many years. In an SNL-hosted interview and the night’s Best Actor in a Drama win at the 2023 Golden Globes, Butler kept Elvis’ southern drawl despite the fact that he’s from California. Another Instagram response made a rather amusing observation about the former child star’s new voice.

So I guess he won’t be in the Zoe 101 movie reboot then. He can’t be Elvis sounding off at a PCA class reunion lol.

Austin Butler played James, the boyfriend of Jamie Lynn spears zoe, on Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” last season. With reports that the Nickelodeon show will be getting a sequel to the film, which will be released on Paramount+, Butler’s name was not mentioned in the cast announcement. So it’s safe to assume that this potential Oscar contender won’t be a part of the new film. Probably for the best, because if he cared, James could say that after he and Zoe broke up, he got an Elvis accent that would never go away. In another popular comment, this user defended the 31-year-old for saying what feels best to him.

When he was on SNL, he showed how easily he could deaden Elvis’ voice for a game, but I think Elvis just comes naturally to him after years of using an accent.

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Vanessa Hudgens The snarky comment may have reached the internet in various ways, but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. She may be aware of her ex-boyfriend’s voice changes, but now she has her own life, just like him. I’d like to believe she’s proud of what he’s accomplished lately, no offense. You can watch Austin Butler’s vocals and moves in Elvis with an HBO Max subscription.