Who was Vic Kohring? Former Wasilla Lawmaker Dies in Car Crash at Glenn Highway Latest News

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Who was Vic Kohring? Former Wasilla Lawmaker Dies in Glenn Highway Crash: Recently, a piece of news flashed on various news channels and the internet web about former Congressman, Vic Kohring. According to the reports, he is said to be dead in a fatal car crash at Glenn Highway. Since the death news of Vic Kohring has been circulating all over the internet web. Initially, it was said to be a rumor. But officials have confirmed his death news by posting pictures on social media. If you are not familiar with the personality and any recent updates related to his death and cause of death. Check out the latest news and further details down below.

Vic Kohring

Who was Vic Kohring? How did he die?

Vic Kohring was a well-known personality and a former congressman. Along with it, he was also a reputed Lawmaker who served for Mat-Su.  Vic Kohring has also been a representative in the Alaska House of Representatives from 1995 to 2007. However, he had to resign from the representative post after the allegations of bribery, misconduct, extortion, and conspiracy charges. Despite that, he again joined the office after all the allegations.

According to the reports, Vic was sentenced to three and half years for all the charges and allegations.

Former Lawmaker Vic Kohring Car Accident!

Currently, the death news of Vic Kohring has become the headline on social media and on various online web pages.  As per the officials, he passed away on Tuesday 6th September 2022 in a fatal car accident. The State Police Department was reported on the Glenn Highway where the accident happened. According to the police reports, former Lawmaker Vic Kohring was driving a Toyota minivan when he lost control and smashed into a semi-truck.

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It was a head-on collision between a Toyota Minivan and a Semi-Truck. The emergency unit took Vic Kohring to the Hospital after getting severe injuries on his body. After a few hours of treatment, the medical team pronounced him dead. He passed away at the age of 64 years old. You can check out the pictures of the accident at Glenn Highway on social media posts.

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