3-Vehicle Watsonville Accident Results In 2 Deaths Including 16-Year-Old

Recently an accident was reported in Watsonville, where two people got killed while following a three-car crash. According to the reports, the Watsonville Accident occurred at midnight on Saturday. It’s been more than 2 days since the accident took place. Right now, it has gone viral all over the internet web. The police arrived at the scene on Saturday where the accident occurred. As per the reports, it was the head-on collision between a 2016 Nissan Sentra and a Chevy Pickup that happened around 11:30 PM.

Right now, the pictures of the accident scene is revolving around social media platforms. For further reports stay with Bulletin Zone till the end.

Watsonville Accident Update: 2 Killed In Watsonville Crash!

Watsonville Accident news has been gaining the attention of the people. Ever since the press has released the news on its various news channel. People have been looking for every detail of the incident on google searches. However, the deputies and investigation team have been investigating the case so far.

According to the reports, the police found the 20 years old diver dead at the scene who was the driver of the 2016 Nissan Sentra. Along with it, the emergency unit rescued 16 years old who got severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive and lost his breath while taking him to the hospital.

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Right now, the Watsonville Accident is trending all over the social media and internet web. The police have given every detail of the news to the press. According to the police report, the impact of the crash was so hard that both vehicles got badly damaged after the crash.

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During the press conference, the deputies said that the driver of a 2015 Nissan was passing through a red light at Green Valley Road and Pennsylvania. Due to Overspeed, the driver smashed into a chevy pickup around 11:30 PM. Later, hat Chevy also collided with a Honda at the scene.

It is being said that the deputies have put the barries alongside the road for further investigation.