What happened to Jacqueline Jones? Learn all about 21 year old San Diego women

Missing: What Happened to Jacqueline Jones?  Learn all about 21 year old San Diego women

A Rancho Bernardo family is asking for help finding their missing daughter, 21-year-old Jacqueline Jones. Let’s see more Jacqueline Jones details and latest updates.

What happened to Jacqueline Jones?

Jacqueline was missing for two weeks. Her mother and father worry about her. She announced this

“I’m dying for her,” said Laura Jones, Jacqueline’s mother. San Diego woman, 21, missing after leaving LA rehab ‘She needs her meds to re-center’

She was devastated as her daughter had been missing for the past two weeks. Jacqueline Jones has been reported missing while checking out of a rehab facility in Los Angeles.

Jacqueline Jones has bipolar disorder

Jacqueline Jones had disappeared on her way from a drug rehabilitation center in the Los Angeles area. He has been struggling with addictions for several years. Jones is also bipolar. Jones you must take medicine on time. So her parents repeatedly pushed for the announcement. She needs her meds to get back on trackLaura Jones said.

Feeling sad is a healthy, normal part of life. For some people, sadness comes out of nowhere, triggered by something as simple as a song playing on the radio. Tides. But for others, the feeling of sadness won’t go away, and the origin of the sadness is hard to discern. So this is a very difficult time for Jacqueline.

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The family is looking for help

Her mother is asking for help from residents and people to report anything related to her daughter. “If someone sees her on the street, please, it’s so painful for a mother. It’s every mother’s nightmare,” Laura Jones said. Laura and her husband Gary said they last heard from Jacqueline on January 13.

After learning that Jacqueline had left the rehab center, her father Gary began handing out flyers with Jacqueline’s photo. “I wanted to get it out there as much as I could, thinking that someone would recognize her and do something to help her, knowing that no one would be looking for her but her parents,” Gary Jones said.

Who is Jacqueline Jones?

Gary Jones proudly spoke of his daughter and how talented she is. “Since she was 3 years old, she’s been playing, playing,” Gary Jones said. Her parents said that before she disappeared, Jacqueline Jones was a yoga instructor and dance teacher.

“We need her, we need her so badly. Mom is waiting for you,” Laura Jones said as she pleaded with the public for help.

Filed a complaint

The Jones family filed a missing person’s report with the San Diego Police Department. They are urging anyone who spots Jacqueline Jones to call 9-1-1.

A Rancho Bernardo family is asking anyone they can to help them find their 21-year-old daughter, who left a Los Angeles rehab facility earlier this month.

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What is bipolar disorder?

Formerly called manic depression, bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings that include highs (mania) and lows (depression) that can cause significant distress.

It’s not something they can “get away from” or control. It brings up feelings and thoughts that won’t go away. Many lose interest in normal daily activities, lack energy and have trouble concentrating. These are all signs of depression, a mood disorder also called clinical depression or major depressive disorder.

Answers on social media

Jerry Munoz posted

I just hope and pray that she finds refuge. Leaving the clinic like this and going out on the street and using drugs is all too common. I’m not saying she does that, I’m just expressing my concern.

Amy Christine posted

They should just let their grown daughter live her life. And stop trying to control her.

Kathy Marie posted

I am praying for Jacqueline’s health and safety. For her parent, I pay for sleeping, and for a combined family. Lord hear my prayer.

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