What happened to Kylie Bazo? is she alive Mandurah boat crash explained

Kylie Bazo
Kylie Bazo, who went missing in the Mandurah boat crash

Police are still searching for 52-year-old Kylie Bazo, who drowned in the Mandurah boating accident. Let’s see what happened to Kylie Bazo and the Mandurah boat crash in detail.

Mandurah boat crash:

A boat with four people on board hit a red mark in the Mandurah Estuary at around 10pm.

In that incident, four passengers on board were reported to have crashed in Mandurah, south of Perth, with one woman dead and another still missing.

Police were called to the Mandurah Estuary at around 10pm. While a 52-year-old lady thrown overboard is being searched for, a 54-year-old woman is injured on board and cannot be saved.

“We have carried out land and water searches and at this stage we are probably in a space where we are looking to recover the body,” Acting Superintendent Peter Morrissey from the Mandurah District Office said.

What happened to Kylie Bazo?

Police are still looking for a second woman, 52, who was on the boat.

The missing woman was later confirmed to be identified as Kylie Bazzo, the mother of West Coast Eagles young gun Rhet Bazzo.

Police said shortly after 2pm on Sunday they found the woman dead. However, they reported that this was not true and shortly before 3 o’clock the search for her continued.

Residents in the area described the scene as “chaotic” on Friday night. One person claimed that when she heard a disturbance and the police helicopters, she ran outside.

At the scene on Saturday evening, Constable Vic Hussey announced that “unfortunately there is one deceased person”.

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“We are currently looking for other parties that may have been in the water as a result of this collision.

“There is currently a significant amount of police resources involved in the search.”
“We are aware of the fact that potentially the ship has hit a navigation marker of something like that,” he said.

A fourth person on board, a 47-year-old man believed to be the driver of the boat, is being treated at Royal Perth Hospital for critical injuries.

The police are still investigating the case and clarifying how the incident happened.


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