What happened to Vivian Ramnaras? How did John Ramnaras’ wife die? The cause of death has been explained

Vivian Ramnaras of Belmopan, Belize, wife of John Ramnaras, sadly passed away on Sunday, January 15, 2023. This information was confirmed by the official Facebook account of the Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, who also sent their condolences to Vivian’s family .

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What happened to Vivian Ramnaras?

Vivian Ramnaras received medical surgery after being shot in the same shooting incident that claimed her husband’s life. Ramnaras was reportedly taken back to the hospital after feeling nauseous when she passed out in the parking lot.

Additionally, in connection with the two deaths that occurred on December 31 on Belen Street in Maya Mopan, Corporal Elmer Nach, who is currently incarcerated at the Kolbe Foundation, may be charged with three counts of murder. Police Corporal Elmer Nach has been charged with the shooting, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Vivian and John were married for over 20 years and had two children together. They were known as an influential couple in business circles and were active in philanthropic activities.

After the New Year’s Eve shooting, Jesse Lieu launched a fundraising campaign to support Ramnaras’ family.

How did Vivian Ramnaras die? The cause of death has been explained

Vivian Ramnaras, wife of John Ramnaras, died Sunday, January 15, 2023. In the same shooting that killed her brother and husband on New Year’s Eve in Belmopan, Vivian was shot and wounded. After the incident, she was initially taken to hospital but later released.

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Sadly, shortly before 8pm on Sunday, Vivian passed away at Western Regional Hospital. She reportedly died as a result of a heart attack. CPR measures failed to save her life after a blood clot likely caused her heart attack.

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The Ministry of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation confirmed the news and expressed their condolences to Vivian’s family. saying

“The entire ministry team mourns the loss of Vivian Ramnaras, our beloved Fisheries Officer. Gone too soon, but we will never forget your tremendous contribution. Rest in peace dear Vivian.”

Tribute to Vivian Ramnaras

The news of Vivian’s death came as a huge shock to the community and prompted an outpouring of grief and condolences from friends, family and colleagues. Many took to social media to offer their condolences and share memories of Vivian.

Stacey Gillett wrote, “May Vivian’s soul find eternal rest. My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Vivian BelisleRamnarace. My sympathies go out to her daughter. A good child was left without parents. Please, Lord, help her even though she is trembling. Vashti Belisle, my heartfelt prayers are with you

Florentina Choco commented: “Vivian was a beloved member of her community and was known for her kindness and generosity. She was a devoted wife and mother and her death has left her family and friends devastated.’

OJ Elrington posted: “My heartfelt condolences to friends and their loved ones as this is extremely terrible news.”

May Vivian’s soul rest in peace, it is extremely heartbreaking to see such a wonderful soul leave us so soon.

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