Who Is Chelsea Doss? Find Out John Rose’s Wife’s Wiki Bio, Age, Family, & More

Recently Rep John Rose, his wife Chelsea Doss, and their family have been the topic of discussion on social media among netizens. Congressman john rose’s wife is much of the major part of the discussions. Rep John rose is the president of the Boson software LLC the company which promotes providing training to professionals before becoming a congressman in the capital. But his wife Mrs. Chelsea Doss is the face of the gossip among the netizens. She met john rose when she was the age of 16. She grew up in Murfreesboro, TN to parents Jeff and Beth doss and attended Eagleville high school until 2007.

Who Is Chelsea Doss? Find Out John Rose's Wife's Wiki Bio, Age, Family, & More

After that, she went on to study at Tennessee Technological University, where she majored in agricultural communications. She graduated in 2011. In her professional career, she worked at the volunteer-run, non-profit Tennessee FFA Foundation as executive director between 2014 and 2017.

The couple first meet when Chelsea served as  FFA president between 2007 and 2008. According to some articles, they are not clear where their relationship will go when they started.

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But Rose asked her to marry him in January 2011 with a beautiful ring and they tied the knot later the same year. They married in the hometown of john where he grew up.

Now they are happily married and made a family for themself. They have two sons name guy and sam whom they love dearly. They recently celebrated the first birthday of their youngest son sam and share their celebration on social media.

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“Happy birthday to our son Sam! He’s one year old today. He’s walking, exploring and he’s always interested in what big brother is up to.

“We love you, buddy!”

Rose and Chelsea believe that they were given their biggest blessing the day their first child was born unfortunately the rose lost their expected Son. He believes that we must take bold action in order to solve the debt crisis, renew Christian values in society, protect our borders, and bolster our military. Follow Bulletin Zone for more news.