Who is Corn Kid? 7-year-old Tariq becomes a TikTok sensation

Who is Corn Kid? 7-year-old Tariq becomes a TikTok sensation

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Corn Kid, aka Tariq, became an internet sensation after appearing on a YouTube interview show of the same name. The show is called Recess Therapy. The young boy, who is only seven years old, has been awarded the honorary title of “Corn bassador” for the state of South Dakota.

Tariq was featured in an episode of the web series Recess Therapy, hosted by comedian Julian Shapiro-Barnum and set in playgrounds and interviews with children. The video shows him eating corn and expressing his love for corn by saying, “I can’t imagine anything more beautiful – it’s corn!” went viral almost immediately after it was posted online.

Tariq’s internet stardom has propelled him to new heights, as evidenced by his recent appearance on actor Drew Barrymore’s show and his appointment as official South Dakota “Corn bassador.”

Corn Kid

Corn Kid

Who is this Corn Kid person? The TikTok phenomenon, now seven years old

When 7-year-old Tariq talked about his favorite food on the internet, his video became so popular that he was given the name ‘Corn Kid’.

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When Tariq said, “Since I learned corn was real, it tasted good,” he confused the show’s host and viewers. However, when he said, “Have a nice day!” he entranced the host, his grandmother and millions of others around the world.

The original video has been viewed more than 5 million times and the musical duo Gregory Brothers created a song titled “It’s Corn”, based on Tariq’s video that became popular on the internet.

The money earned from people streaming the song is split as follows: half goes to the music group and the other half to Tariq and his family.

During their trip to South Dakota, Tariq and his family met Governor Kristi Noem, who subsequently appointed the Corn Kid as South Dakota’s “Official Corn Bassador.”

The day of September 3 was designated by Noem as “Official Corn Bassador Tariq Day”. The proclamation went like this: “South Dakota is one of the best corn growers in the nation, supplying food all over the world, but especially to Tariq, a seven-year-old boy who recently realized corn was real.”

When Jessica, Tariq’s mother, received a letter from her cousins ​​in Europe, along with a video from her son, they asked, ‘Isn’t this Tariq? ‘, that’s how she found out that her son had gone viral.

On September 13, Tariq appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, a chat show hosted by Drew Barrymore, and the two tried corn-flavored foods together.
Cameo is a site that allows celebrities to film personalized videos for their own audience for a fee. The Corn Kid is also a member of Cameo.

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In addition, with the help of his mother, he has set up a TikTok account, which currently has nearly 600,000 followers. Since the @CornKid name was already in use by another user, Tariq chose to use the @KornBoyPOfficial handle for his TikTok account.