“Wife’s Frustration Over Husband’s ‘Terrible’ Sleeping Habit Revealed”

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Introduction: Whether it’s a deal breaker or not, TikTok users were amazed when Peyton Vidmar shared a video of her husband Colton sleeping with his eyes wide open. The 19-second clip has amassed an astounding 27.8 million views and has left many questioning this unusual sleeping habit. Despite the shock, viewers were still concerned about Colton’s comfort, wondering if he ever blinked or closed his eyes at night. From giant octopuses to this eye-opening sleeping habit, TikTok continues to surprise its viewers with unexpected content.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing her husband’s ‘weird’ sleeping habit, which some viewers deemed a ‘deal breaker’.

TikToker Peyton Vidmar stunned viewers with a video showing her husband Colton falling asleep with his eyes wide open.

“This is proof that my husband actually sleeps with his eyes open. Every time I watch, it scares the hell out of me,” Peyton said in the 19-second clip, which has amassed a staggering 27.8 million views.

She then recorded her husband dozing as his pupils appeared to be open and staring into empty space. The TikToker started screaming his name and gently shaking him to wake him up.

Eventually Colton woke up and started blinking. Then he looked around the room in confusion, and his wife laughed.


Please ignore my laughter, I was sick. #husband wife #husbandssoftiktok #sleepy #freakthefreakout #scary

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TikTok is appalled by her husband’s sleeping habits

TikTok users were amazed at how Colton was sleeping and many shared their horror in the comments.

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“He looks dead! I would jump out of my skin!” one user wrote. “I could never sleep in the same house with him,” added another.

“You warned me, but I wasn’t ready for it yet,” said the third. “That would be a deal breaker for me,” said someone else.

Others worried about Colton’s comfort, wondering if he even blinked or closed his eyes at night.

“One has to wake up with the DRIEST eyes,” commented one user. “Dryness when he wakes up must be Saharan,” added another.

“Oh my God, does he ever blink when he sleeps? Sorry but it’s a bit creepy,” wrote a third.

This isn’t the first time a viral clip has caused a scare TikTok users; previously, a giant octopus angered viewers and compared them to the Kraken sea monster.