Watch: Wyatt Coto Leaked Video Viral on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram. And, Buffalo Shooting Updates

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Wyatt Coto Leaked Video on Twitter and Reddit: In the recent shooting war that occurred at the Buffalo Supermarket. A named Wyatt Coto surfaced on the internet and social media. It is believed that he was the prime suspect behind all this chaos at the supermarket. As per the reports, there is video footage of the scene where the incident occurred leaked on the internet and Twitter. Since then people have shared viral videos with each other on social media platforms. Initially, it was supposed to be a rumor about the video. Ever since we have received the official report through our sources on social media. Now, it is trending all over the internet.

Wyatt Coto Leaked Video

Who is Wyatt Coto on Twitter?

Wyatt Coto is supposed to be the suspect behind the Buffalo supermarket shooting in the United States. As per reports, it is said that the incident occurred as a hate crime in which the guy did all this under racial movement. However, the suspect came to the online platform to address people about the incident. Before he went to the carnage, he posted numerous documents that showed that he was under the white conspiracy influence. After that, it is believed that Wyatt Coto was compelled to create all this mess and shoot at the Buffalo supermarket.

Wyatt Coto Leaked Video on Twitter and Reddit

Reports say that the video was streamed live on Twitch. However, we haven’t got the identity of the person in this video footage. But it is believed that the suspect was also the victim of the shooting incident. Since we haven’t got any authentic information regarding the person in this video. We can’t tell you much about him right now. As we get any further information through our officials, we will update our website.

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During the shooting at Buffalo supermarket, a woman was shot in the parking area by the suspect. Then, the suspect took people hostage for a while. However, the officials say that he shot four people in the parking area before entering the shop.

As per the witness statement, the guy wore armor on his body with a helmet.

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